Merge PST Software

Merge Multiple PST Files using PST Merge Software. The software merges small PST files to create a big one, the facility will avoid mismanagement of data. Capable to combine various PST files in one PST without the installation of Microsoft Outlook. Desired items or complete data of PST files get combined by the app.

Merge PST Software

Why merge multiple PST files into one PST?

Combining various PST files into one PST is really helpful for users in many ways. Get a few of the highlighted reasons behind joining PST files –

  • Easy management of the files in one place is the core reason to join Outlook PST files.
  • If you have upgraded your Outlook application, you need to merge older Outlook PST files into one PST to access in Outlook. Importing these files one by one would be tiresome for users.
  • By joining PST files into single PST, users can save a lot of time instead of opening PST files one by one.

Benefits offered by PST Merging App

If you go for a manual process to combine PST files then it would be too tough to implement and takes huge time in completing the task. Therefore, to get rid of all this, PST Merge software is introduced among users and it offers numerous benefits.

  • Unlimited PST files merging capability
  • Supports all PST created in different versions of Outlook
  • Join all or desired items without creating any hassles
  • Combine orphaned and active PST files

To understand the application prior paying for it, download the free Outlook data Merging Tool and check it by combining 10 items from each folder of PST.

Few Features of the App – Merge PST Pro

Use similar or separate folders to merge

PST Merging App will provide you two options either to merge the items in similar folders or create a separate folder for each PST file. Pick the option that you found convenient for you and quickly merge Outlook data files.

Combine different Outlook files

One can join various Outlook PST files with the help of this program. It includes archive, password-protected, active and network PST files. Without any duplication, users can combine or join multiple PST files into a single strong PST.

User-mentioned file location

The resultant PST file can be saved to any location of user desire. The tool does not specify a particular path, user can store the file to any drive of their system. Also, any name can be given to the file by users as per their convenience.

File or Folder mode to browse files

Two modes to Browse PST files are there – File or Folder mode. With File mode, you can browse files one by one from various locations of the system and Folder mode allows instant and multiple PST files browsing at once.

Supports Unicode and ANSI

Two types of PST files (ANSI & UNICODE) are there based on their storage type. ANSI files hold only 2 GB data and were created in older versions of Outlook (prior Outlook 2002). However, Unicode has 50 GB data storage facility. Both are considered to merge by the tool.

Free evaluation copy

Free Outlook Data Merge software is provided to every user visiting our product page. Freeware edition guides users to get familiar with it earlier they finalize the decision in investing in Merge PST Pro. Few files merging with demo edition.

Easy and Safe Data Merging

PST Merge Program has been designed to merge Outlook files with just a few simple steps. During the process of merging, the tool maintains the quality of files. No data is lost and corrupt. CC, BCC, and documents, all data are retained without compromising with quality.

Provide Merging Options

Merge Outlook files as per your needs. You can merge only contacts, tasks, journals, calendars, notes, etc. Merge PST App allows users to choose any of the options or users can merge complete PST file by skipping empty folders from the list of files.

Filter and Preview facility

PST Merge supports a filter facility where users can select files they wish to merge. Unnecessary merging is avoided here. Also, users can get rid of empty Outlook PST folders. Without the involvement of Outlook, numerous PST files are joined into a single PST.

Join PST file of any size

The size of PST file does not come in the way of combining PST files. Users can easily combine different size Outlook PST files without facing any kind of difficulty. There is no effect on the performance of the program due to the size and quantity of Outlook PST files.

Operable on all Windows versions

The utility runs smoothly on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista & Several others. Users can comfortably join PST files exported from various versions of Outlook – Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and previous editions.

Retain database originality

Assurance of safe merging is there with this program. It is being tested by professionals on various parameters and shown 100% successful outcomes. The hierarchy of all folders of Outlook database is not at all disturbed throughout the process of joining PST files.

Client Testimonials

Ans:- No, Outlook Data Merging Tool permits users to join multiple PST files into one without any size limitations.

Yes, why not. The software is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Outlook.

No, the software works without the installation of MS Outlook.

Yes, all versions of Windows are compatible with this application including the latest Windows 10.

No, to combine PST files with the app, the files should be in a healthy state.

Using this software, you can merge these files in a short time period. However, the time also depends on the size of the files that you are using.

Process to combine multiple PST files into a single PST

With Outlook Merging App, combining PST files is only 3 steps tasks.